The Pepsi Necco Wafer Fireball Experiment Surprise Story

Gees... Where to start?

Andy and I had the idea to come up with SOMETHING that would get us our 5 minutes of fame.
All over the internet there were dozens of videos showing the reaction
between Diet Coke and the little Mentos mint candies.  The short version
is that when you combine them you get rapid site nucleation and all of the
carbon dioxide rushes out of the liquid forming a foam that can't escape
the bottle fast enough.  You end up with a foam fountain.

This had been done, to death, by hundreds of people on the internet.
We wanted something like this...  Something that would create a buzz,
a sensation heard round the world.

Strolling through a Dollar Tree store near home I was literally looking
for something iconic, easy to obtain, that you could use to create
a video of the same hard hitting interest.

What could possibly be more spectacular than huge fountains of instant foam?

Smoke?  Mirrors?   (Just kidding)
Fire?....  Fire!
What if you combined something and instead of foam it would burn!  hahahahahah!
And in front of me there they were.  The staple of early American candies.
Necco Wafers.  Yes.   I bought half a box!  Grabbed some Pepsis from the cooler and
headed for the checkout.   I'd have to test it but yes.  This would work.

Below is the link to the result.

Behold,  The Pepsi Necco Wafer Fireball Experiment Surprise.

Click Here To Watch The Video

Please don't try this at home!

Ok, the rub was that the title even had to hit all of the hot buttons.  
Easy to do. Look real.  No cuts, no camera tricks.  It had
to be science based and fun.   It was perfect.

I did the trial and immediately sent Andy the video.   It would work.
We had to create the best supporting video to make it real.

Carefully staging the action and videotaping from 2 angles we
pulled it off the first time, basically filming the rehearsal.
The 2nd take was nicer.  Though I had a more vigorous reaction with
the Diet Coke and Mentos than i would have liked and swore through
out the take.   To correct this we overdubbed the 2nd take with
Andy's better speaking voice and kept all of the background
sounds to enhance the believably. 

Carefully worded narration would give a clue to anyone that
remembered their high school chemistry that things were not
as they would seem to be.

We even created two additional support videos.  One starring
yours truly and the 2nd featuring a buddy's son just to prove
that it really does work.  heh.  The eagle eared could probably
tell that in my video that the cameraman was indeed Andy, the
voice over man in the original.

We released the Pepsi Necco Fireball Surprise on,
March 2nd, 2009 and got a wonderful response!
Over 1/3 of a million hits! (and countless thefts of video)

But the best was yet to come!

The buzz was real.  People all over the internet were talking about
this Pepsi Necco Fireball Experiment.   The most shocking thing was the
video being hijacked by some lowlife arab webgroup and being relabeled
with some unreadable arabic crap and the fun warning being removed!
That bastardization was reposted on youtube.   No telling how many
overseas thefts occurred but this primary source of theft of our
video ramped up 1.2 million hits before I found it and had it removed.

The concept for the project was to become a success on and
be rewarded monetarily, but alas...   They got the goldmine and 
we got the shaft!

Still.   The hours of laughter watching others try to duplicate the
'Experiment' was worth every copyright claim email we wrote.

In total the video has probably been watched over 2.5 million times
world wide.  An amazing achievement!

It even inspired Fox News In The Morning in St Louis to attempt
to recreate the results LIVE on TV!
And yes!  They failed LIVE on TV!   (See the links)

We have listed as many links as we can find to various attempts and
related videos below so that you too can enjoy the results!

Of course the best feel good moment from the whole episode is the
time when I revisited the Dollar Tree store about 6 months later.
I overheard a conversation between a couple of young guys stocking up
on Necco Wafers because of the exciting video they saw online. 
Seems that if you dunk them in Pepsi it will burn!   I couldn't
help but grin. 

Well,  We told them NOT to try this at home!

If you want to know the real secret. Just email!

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