The Pepsi Necco Video Links

It's amazing to watch the quality degredation progress as time goes on! hahahahhah!

Tne ORIGINAL POSTING Pepsi Necco Fireball Surprise Metacafe March 1, 2009
Flaming Pepsi & Necco Wafers DOES Work!!! Metacafe March 2, 2009 FAMILY FILTER OFF!
Even Zach got it to work! March 9, 2009 FAMILY FILTER OFF!
MYTH EXPOSED: "Do Not Drink Pepsi and Coca Cola" video - Youtube Nov 17, 2012!
Daily motion . com serving up some classic Bootleg ARGH! At least 6 generations removed. Hahahahaah!
#15 If you mix NECCO wafers and Pepsi, itíll light on fire - Even has a cool motion GIF !

A Yahoo Answers question with a good soul confirming it does burn!
Is Mentos in Pepsi Flammable? - This guy even got the candy wrong! hahahah! Oct 10, 2012
Click Here To See A List of Net Lunacy inspired by our video!
Click Here To See A List of Net Lunacy inspired by our video!
A stolen repost of the original posting at
What Happens When You Mix Pepsi Necco Wafers - A stolen repost of a stolen arabic ripoff repost!!! Dec 17, 2012

Fox 2 News Now - St Louis Missouri, December 17, 2012

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Tim Ezell and April Simpson try to make a fireball using
Pepsi and Necco wafers. Watch the video to see the results of the experiment.

Fox 2 News Now - St. Louis Missouri, December 18, 2012

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Josh Linn from the Saint Louis Science Center Shows how
to make Pepsi & Necco Wafer Fireballs. He has some pro-tips on how the science
works behind this culinary experiment. All you need is the wafers, some Pepsi,
cup and a lighter to make a flaming glass of soda.