The Showing - On display for the world to see!

Of course we went back the next day to see our artwork in 
the light.  From the road you might have had to look for it, 
but once you saw it, it was obvious. Dark, hard edged, and 
stark.  A beautiful addition to GSU's collection!

We parked on the grounds of the University - no sneaking around 
in the daylight - and walked through the park, past a few other
 sculptures to where the Monolith was poised.  We just had to 
 laugh - for a while.  It was nearly perfect.  You really had 
 to look to detect the line at the eight foot mark where the 
 plywood was joined.  We'd filled, sanded and painted well. 

It was beautiful.

We videotaped an shot a couple rolls of photos to document the Monolith.