Reception - How did our world receive this Monolith

To any visitor to the park the sculpture looked as it belonged.
   Another stoic shape among the grasses of the prairie.

Maintenance for the grounds obviously were confused by its presence.
  They not only mowed a walking path past it, they trimmed the 
  grasses up to it to allow people to view it as they did the 
  other installations in the park.

We had a feeling it probably wouldn't last for more than a week,
 maybe two, before the tore it down. We were wrong.

With a plant inside the University we discovered that with the 
pace of paper communication, memos were being passed back and 
forth among the different departments responsible for the artwork 
on the site.  All trying to discover who's sculpture it was!  
Was it a borrowed piece?  Was it a student work?  Who had installed 
it?  "What big black box??" It was excellent because nobody would 
pull the trigger to take it down!

Sure, it was a bit amateurish, but it was a statement and SOMEONE
 had put it there.  You could almost hear them talking as they 
 stood next to it, "I'm not going to touch it because I don't 
 know who's it is..."   It was perfect!  You could almost hear 
 the turning of the screws.

Owing to confusion and bureaucracy within the University, the 
Monolith stood for twelve and a half weeks!  Each week we would 
go back to see if it was still there. And it was!  We were stunned!