Installed: Saturday June 21st

Removed:   Wednesday, September 17th

On September 17th,  probably about mid afternoon, ARGH's Monolith 
was uprooted and tossed in the back of some groundskeeper pickup truck.
  Hopefully they had as much difficulty removing it as we had carrying it.
  I'm sure it was later dissected to discover its origins.  
And with a nod from the Office of University Relations in the Governors 
State University Inscapes weekly reader it was gone.
While only having spent a short time on this earth it created confusion. 
 Turned the screws on some of the best local minds we could find.  
 Inspired others as its simple elegance.  And caused many fits of 
 laughter over pizza in Crete.

Ironically,  It lives on in our minds (and on the internet!)  
Destined to grace the grounds of Governors State University forever.