ARGH PRODUCTIONS! Running, and occasionally stumbling along the cutting edge since 11110110111, and they have the scars to prove it.

Andy R. & Gary H. first teamed up to dream up and draw cartoons on the blackboard during off time in their highschool Writer's Workshop class. They continued their partnership one summer making a short animated films, using paper cut-outs years ahead of "South Park"!

After highschool they branched out into commercial cartooning, specializing in science cartoons. They were just in time to see several science magazines to go under.

They recovered and moved on to the latest thing - cable television, and public access programming. (Did they inspire "Wayne's World? They're not saying.) They learned nearly every production job, working in studio and on location - producing their own show, and helping out on many others.

They also had a bit of fun with a large and very public practical joke - a sculpture called The Monolith. Click the link on our Projects page for the details.

After a brief (?) hiatus to recharge their creative batteries... Well, combine the creativity you see on these pages with the interweb, digital photo and video, and audio, with some powerfull computer hardware and software...and WATCH OUT!

Andy R.

Some say he has more science books in his library than most high schools, and that he has pornographic tattoos on the insides of his eyelids.

It is true that he has a U. S. Navy aerial bomb in his living room, high power rockets in his den, and has been known to trim the plants around his house with a sword.

Cartoons. Photography. Movies. Sci Fi. The Interweb. Rocketry. Clams. Women. Passions, or addictions?

Gary H.

Some say he has won paint ball games with nothing more than a sling, and that since he builds electronic things when he's bored, if you visit his workshop you'd better take batteries to bribe the robots with.

It is true that his toys run from bean bags to helmet cams, and electronic keyboards, and he has set up instruments to see if the weight of his video and music collections is making one corner of his house sink.

Gary has branched a few times into other creative endeavors. His former band LuNoHoCo was very popular at one time. And in spite of not having any talent it didn't stop them from having a good time.


"Made real through lack of resolution." -GH