Rocket's Red Glare - Antisat!


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Even during 1 AM power outages ARGH Production tirelessly carries on the gruling work of creating fine humor!

Coming Soon!

We've got two projects coming to the ARGH Website this year. (Two that we're willing to talk about, anyway.)

We know you've been wondering, "Just who are these ARGH guys?" Well, part of the answer is that we're artists. And we've dabbled in sculpture.

We'll have "The Monolith" Project up, with all the images, and information straight from the files of the ARGHchives.

Then we'll answer the burning question, "What's with the clams?" The story behind the clams is part history, part silliness, part tragedy.

So stay tuned to this site.

Our Latest News

The newest addition to our projects pages: ARGH's Monolith is now viewable! Have a look! ARGH's Monolith

You can also see what can happen when you mix Diet Pepsi with Necco Wafers! Pepsi-Necco

And stay tuned for ARGH's newest concepts - Mr. Tech, who will show you experiments and demonstartions of high-tech and low-tech phenomena, and our first spoof commercial: Antisat!